How safe are auction houses?

Posted by garry 04/05/2017 0 Comment(s)

Most weeks i get asked about items in a local auction of some kind, and this week was no exception!  One auction has listed a number of 70/80's vinyl albums all of which were fully signed by the various bands, Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac etc. Needless to say all of these signed vinyl albums i looked at were fake, most not even close in fact. 


The second auction also had soem real howlers as well, although not as bad as the first, but both auctions had the almost exact same wording within the small print as their get out of jail free card. Both stated that items shoudl be checked before you bid and that the auction house was not resposnible for itmes that may be found later to be not authenti. They both stated that they base their opinions on the vendors statement to them, in other words, if the vendor says they are authentic, then they are authentic! And just to be certain, one of the auctions also stated that "The sale of goods act does not apply to this auction" that is partly true, but its a warning sign that you should not get involved if a company puts out a notice like that!


One of the albums was a fully signed Zeppelin vinyl sigen dby all four including Bonahm. It was listed at between £70 - £100 which tells you tow things, that either they have no idea at all of what they are selling and have done no resarch whatsoever, or they know exactly what they are selling and know its worhtless! The last fully signed Zep album i saw at auction went for over £20,000 that is how rare they are!


Another warning sign with these auctions is that neither accepted cards, only cash cheque or bank transfer, in other words, if after you have paid you find out they are not authentic, then you stand zero chance of getting a refund unless you take them to court!


If this does happen to you, then dont hesitate to take legal action, its quick and simple and all done online, and in cases where i have advised a customer to take this avenue, it has always worked and they have always managed to get a ful refund. So beware of the bargain signed items at these provincial auction houses, best advice stay away altogether. There are a number of specialist auction houses who only deal in autographs or memorabilia etc, and these are OK. If you need any advice, just ask me.

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