Miscellaneous Unsigned

Miscellaneous Unsigned
Everything that does not fit into any other category!
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Apollo 16 Autopen signed Duke John Young Mattingly Beta Cloth patch badge NASA

A 23cm x 23cm Beta Cloth patch which has the Autopen signatures of Duke Young and Mattingly in fine ..


Ray Rawlins authentic autograph guide book.

A rare copy of the Ray Rawlins book of World Autographs. Published in the UK as the Guinness book of..


Apollo 15 James Jim Irwin genuine authentic autograph signed image.

A 9cm x 5cm card with details of the Apollo 15 mission and the pencil mark cross that has been made ..


Elton John Versace suit genuine authentic display piece

An amazing Versace suit made for and worn by Elton John. You won't see another one of these any..


Jimi Hendrix genuine authentic owned ring

This incredible item is a typically flamboyant ring previously owned by the lege..