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Over the past couple of years i have had some decent results in helping customers obtain refunds for fake signed items purchased both here and abroad. The USA based sales are the key ones as they will never give you a refund and put all kinds of obstacles in the way. Many of these items can be very expensive too sometimes amounting to a £1000 or more. The CC company will normally require a letter from an expert confirming the item is not authentic, and that cost should be passed on to the CC company as well. 


So if you know what to do and have paid using a credit card (always pay via a credit card, even if you only pay part of the payment as that will protect you) then you can request a refund using section 75. Not heard of it? well here is a little story that will probably make you always use that credit card in future!


A customer came to me just before Christmas and asked me for authentication on an item he had purchased in 2000 from a shop that is no longer trading. I confirmed to him that the item was not authentic and i was even able to tell him who had actually signed it, and it was not the name that was on the authenticity certificate! I advised him to contact his CC company and request a refund using section 75 which at the time he knew nothing about.


After speaking with them they told him that it was too long ago and that he would not be covered. I then told him to go back to the CC company and tell them that the COA clearly stated that the item was guaranteed authentic for life, not 12 months, not three years or 5 years but for life and to go back and try again. Needless to say they did try and fob him off, but with some perseverence and the required expert letter from myslef they did pay up, and that was almost 20 years after he had purchased it, which must be some kind of record!


I should point out that he was only able to get the refund as his wife had kept the CC receipt and the COA from the purchase, so was able to prove exactly when and how it was paid. CC companies will generaly only go back about 6 years in their records, so its important to keep all correct documents with your items. There is a lesson there for anyone buying anything signed, always make sure you use a credit card to pay for it and make sure you keep the receipt and the COA in a safe place. Section 75 will enable you to claim a refund work with any similar purchase even if it was purchased outside of the UK.


I Have helped with a good number of these now, but that is the oldest one yet, a refund after 20 years has got to be a record!

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