Can you authenticate my autographs?

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That is a question i get asked almost every day, but when questioned about the autographs i will be told exactly where when and how they were obtained, and offered photos of them being signed. So the question should really be "why do you want me to authenticate signatures that you yourself have obtained in person and have photographic evidence of as well?"


All that anyone really needs to do is to simply detail on a sheet of paper, the exact circumstances that the signatures were obtained, including the date etc, and add your own address and signature and date to the letter. That in itself is as legal a document as anything i may provide for you, and too many people far better too. Remember though, that this only applies to signatures that you have obtained yourself, not a friend, a relative or any other third party. I have seen many instances where a signature has allegedly been obtained by a mum or friend, and in fact they have simply added a fake signature to keep someone happy. Its always hard to believe this when told their John Lennon is a fake, but trust me, it happens.


If you intend to sell the items in the future, then do this as soon as possible as the deatils may become a little vague later, and always keep the letter with the item and any tickets or photos from the day as well.


When you sell, and you are selling to a private collector, then those details should be more than enough to satisfy them, if not simply get them to use my 'Quick Opinion' service, thus saving you money! If your private collector is not happy with either of those options, then i suggest you find another customer, as one like that is likely to be a problem anyway!


If you are selling to a dealer, then they will be far happier with your letter than anything else, and they should know real from fake anyway, so if they are not happy then its likley they know nothing about autographs anyway!


If you are selling via an auction house, then again they should be happy with your letter, and if they dont like that then find another auction. Good ones are out there, and you should be putting autographs into an autograph auction anyway, not a house clearance sale, so find a decent one that knows what they are selling and can get you the best price. More on auctions another day!


Garry King.

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