X-Ray TV appearance Friday 18th March

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A trip to Cardiff to film an edition of X-Ray for BBC wales in AFTAL dealer Robert Griffiths shop 'Carry On Collecting'  with Omar Hamdi. X-Ray is a consumer based program and this edition was covering fake autographs, as the BBC had had a call from a viewer who had been sold a stack of fakes via an online auction (not the first time i have heard that one!). 


They filmed at the Cardiff Comic Con and at Roberts shop in the Royal Arcade. Unfortunately the person who had been sold some possible duff items decided to jump ship at the last minute, i guess he got the jitters about telling all to millions on TV! 


I never got to see the fakes that started it all, but i no doubt expect they were cheap nasty items purchased via a well known interent auction site! I am pleased to say that the filming went well, and i have also written some tips which will be available via their website as well, so hopefully there will now be less fakes sold in Wales. 


All in all a great days filming, but it was a bit of an issue having to learn Welsh in a day!

Garry King.

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