The best COA for an autograph?

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The best COA for an autograph?

Not an easy question to answer, as most genuine dealers will tell you that a COA is in most cases a worthless piece of paper! A COA only has a value if it has been provided by a reputable company, and one that backs that item with a full lifetime guarantee. A COA from a third party (ie. not the person who is selling it) is of little real value as it merely states that the item is authentic, but has no real value other than making the statement that the item is authentic as they will certainly not be offering any kind of refund as they never sold it to you!


In addition, some of the so called expert "Third Party Authenticators" have no real expertise at all and are simply selling you peace of mind. We have seen items that have been purchased from a well known long term dealer that also have 4 other COA's as well! How many doubts did the buyer have, to go as far as paying 4 other people to tell him that the item was genuine!


Every day we hear of people who have paid good money to obtain a COA for an item they had purchased on ebay or elsewhere, which then tells them the item is authentic, only to find out that the company who has issued the COA did not even see the item concerned with their own eyes! So that company has issued a COA stating that the item is authentic, without knowing that what they are authenticating even exists! It could easily be a printed item, or a scan taken from an auction catalogue or online.


Here is a recent message from one of our customers.....

I filed a dispute as you advised and the seller offered me a full refund, so i am waiting until it has been received into my paypal account. The seller also apologized as he believed he bought with the genuine intention that the signatures were real, he also told me to keep the books as opposed to sending them back.


Thank you so much for your services, i was a little dubious at first paying for a service online because i have never done it before, but it has definitely paid off. I would also like to note that at the same time that i contacted you, i emailed another company to verify the signatures ("authenticate my autographs"), i sent them pictures etc and they said the signatures are genuine and then they proceeded to ask which type of verification package do i want to purchase...they did not even want to see the books in person! The email read...


"Thank you for your email. We are delighted to confirm everything looks great and we can issue you certification if required. All you need to do is let us know which type of COA you would like and we will send a PayPal invoice across for you to complete..."


I am so so glad i shopped around and found you. The page you have written on fake authentication companies is so true and they need to be brought down somehow.




Remember that it is financialy in their interest to say an item is "Authentic" rather than fake, as that way they can make more money from you for a fancy COA. We estimate that over 70% of what we are offered for authentication are fake, and not only do we tell the customer that its fake, we also advise on how to get a refund from the seller as well.