Are you sure this is fake?

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Every day i am asked to check items for authenticity via my "Quick Opinion" service. Over 50% always prove to be fake in some way, but many of the buyers will simply not accept that what they have purchased is not authentic, and send me all kinds of reasons why the item must be genuine!


"it has a COA with it so it must be genuine"....... then why ask me?


"i have looked at it and it looks good to me".......then why ask me?


"the guy at the local auction house says it looks genuine"....... then why ask me?


"the seller had 100% feedback".......oh well it must be genuine then!


The problem is that when anyone buys any signed item they buy it because they believe it to be genuine, then something (or someone) causes them to think it may not be genuine, so they have some doubt, but because they have paid hard earned cash for it they want it to be real so dont like it when anyone tells them its not authentic.

Buyers will then try and find all the reasons they can as to why it might be genuine, and will often ask me for "proof" to show them its a fake, even though the original owner provided no proof at all as to its authenticity other than a contrivd story and a homemade COA which in most cases will not even have a contact address on it. They want it to be real so will only see it from the point of view that they think its genuine, the COA says its genuine, the seller said it was genuine, so show me proof that its not.


What you should always be doing is assuming the item is a fake from the start, and looking for the truth within the signature that its genuine. Ignore any COA or story that you are told, as it will almost always only be a story and nothing more. Concentrate only on the signature and unless it proves to you, beyond reasonable doubt, that it is authentic, then assume its a fake. And if you pay an expert for an opinion on its authenticy and they tell you its fake, then accept it, dont try and convince yourself otherwise or you will continue buying fakes and being fooled by the con men that abound on ebay and in particular facebook etc.


And in case you are wondering about the Ali signature i have used on this article, its a fake. It is one of the most common fake signatures that i see, and was actaully done by a guy called John Olsen who produced thousands of them which were sold, and are still being resold by sellers here and in the USA. Google him and 'operation bullpen' and you will find out all about the dozens of shops that were involved and the millions of $ that they stole from honest collectors.

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