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I get calls on a very regular basis regarding signed posters. These are almost always multi signed posters from the latest films and signed by all the biggest stars, Star Wars and The Godfather seem to be the most common. The question i get is always the same "Are these signatures on the poster genuine, as i am now not sure!" Most of these posters are purchased via websites outside of the UK and a smaller number from outlets in the uk, who in most cases have bought them from the very same sellers outside of the UK as well.


In short, the item is almost certainly fake but the buyer is unlikely to be able to get a refund, and here is why.....


  • The buyer is in the UK, but the seller is most likley outside of the UK, so you can't use our laws or Trading Standards to get a refund.
  • The seller will ask you to prove its fake, but they will only accept the word of a 'Forensic Examiner' that they approve, and those will always side with them, as they are the only ones that they allow you to use!
  • You paid for it via a debit card or Paypal, or worse cash, check, or direct bank transfer. 
  • The costs involved in getting the item authenticated and returning it, will far outweigh what you paid for it, and even if you return it, will they refund?


The questions that you need to ask yourself before buying anything from any website are these.


  • Where are they based and do they have a full verifiable contact address on their website?
  • Have any UK based dealers ever heard of them, and what are their thoughts on the seller?
  • How do they manage to get long dead stars such as Marlon Brando to sign new posters?
  • Why are the signed items they have on offer so much cheaper than any respected autograph dealers?
  • Why do UK based in-person dealers never have similar signed items?


A little common sense used before placing that order should soon make you realise that the bargain you are buying may not be the bargain you think it is! "But it has a Certificate of Authenticity and a money back guarantee" i hear you say! If they are prepared to fake signatures, they will certainly be happy to create a COA to go with it. So it looks good on paper, but having helped numerous people get refunds from some of these sharks, there is only one way to get your money back.................


  • If you have purchased the item by using a credit card (not a debit card), then you can use the section 75 clause to obtain a refund via the card company. This will work for an item purchased from any country, but in most cases you will need to get a written confirmation of the fakes from an expert first, which is likely to cost you £50 or more, then you will need to convince the CC company that you have a case. In my experince it depends on the card company, some will refund, soem will make it hard for you, but providing you can show that the item is fake, then they will cough up, although they are likely to drag their heels as much as possible. 


Based on experience with many customers that have come to me for help with this problem, you will never get a refund by pressing the seller, they will simply put things in the way, and it will just cost you a stack of time and money. The only way is use section 75, and remember, that will only work if you have used a credit card. It can work with Paypal too, but they have a short time limit on such things. 


So there you have it, if you have used a credit card to buy, then you stand a chance, otherwise learn your lesson and put your sensible head on before considering anything similar in the future.


FYI. One of the most common signed posters is the Godfather. These are often sold with a Marlon Brando signature on them, but Brando was well known to be one of the toughest signers ever, and its a well known fact amongst autograph dealers that a Godfather image or poster signed by Brando is one of those 'hens teeth' items that we never ever see. His signature alone on an a piece of paper will command £600 or more, so imagine what a poster would sell for! And yet i have seen the fully signed Godfather posters on offer at less then £200 !

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