New Autograph scam site!

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All collectors need to be aware of a new scam that is becoming more prolific. Very simply it appears that some very clever scamers are "skimming" the details of items on genuine sites and then adding them to their own site and offering them as their own. 


So what you see are products that have been taken from another site complete with the image and details, but are being offered on a different site often at a reduced price. What happens is that you see the item, you check it out, it seems to be authentic but the price is better than expected, so you go ahead and buy it, but all that has happend is that you have given your credit card details to a scammer and you will of course recieve nothing but a big bill from your card company for items that you never purchased!


I spotted this just month of so ago, and what i found was site that had almost every known autograph available, all of wqhcih had been copied from legitimate sites, so the Items appeared genuine. The prices were lower than i expected so i smelt a rat straight away, but when i did some digging i found that the itme shad been taken directly from existimng websites, and only the price had been changed.


The price did of course raise alarms with me, but not every collector will be aware of the real price an item should sell for, so might be easily fooled. The way to spot these sites is simple and is something that everyone should do whenever buying anything online. All you need do is to find the contact page (if indeed you can find it!) and see if it has a legitimate address on it. In the UK, and i am sure in most other countries, it is the law that the site MUST have a full contact address visible before any purchase is made, so no contact address should mean no sale. And in any case, would you buy an item from any site if you did not know exactly where the seller was?


On another similar site i also noticed that it was impossible to scroll to the bottom of the page (where you would often find an address or contact details), the more your scrolled, the more items came up, it was simply a never ending page!


So if you see what appears to be a bargain, always check to see that there is a contact page with full contact details before buying. Another tip is to try googling the description of the item, as in most cases the descriptio has simply been taken directly form another site, so if you google it you may well find the site it came from and of course the correct price!


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