Should i frame my autographs?

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Should you frame your valuable autographs?


Simple answer, no! Framing autographs or signed photos can be a costly business and in many cases may ruin your valuable signed item. We see a lot of framed items that have been ruined by careless framers, and framing an item will make it far more difficult to sell at a later date.


We are offered items every day that customers want to sell, and in 90% of cases we have to turn them down. Why? because in almost every case they will need to be reframed because of condition or poor framing, and secondly the cost and logistics of delivering the items to us often outweighs the value of the items. It is not possible to get any insurance on any glass item, and most couriers will not insure framed items, and if you have ever tried to pack and post a framed item to arrive in A1 condition then you will understand what we are talking about!


If you really want to display your autographs, then the best option is to have them scanned and copied onto photo paper and have those framed instead, as very few people will spot the difference, and you can then store your valauble autographs away from light and further deterioation. Storing them in the right kind of folder for showing to friends is a much better way to display them and keep them safe. 

And if you still insist on farming the real thing, then please ensure that you choose a good framer and make sure you have UV glass put into the frame. 

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