Update on getting a refund from ebay.

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A previous blog post has proved to be very popular and i have had several messages thanking us for adding it this to the site. If you are unaware of how to go about obtaining refunds from sellers on ebay for fake autographs or indeed almost any kind of fake item, then the post will prove a very worthwhile read.


The following is from a customer here in the UK who purchased a drawing on ebay alegedly signed by a famous artist. It was of course not authentic, and the same seller had another account selling similar items, all of which were also not authentic! The trick was that these were being sold at a price less than the true value of the genuine article, but not so cheap you might be suspicious, although the total amount spent by this customer was £3000 !


Garry, a BIG BIG thank you. I got all 4 payments i made to her back yesterday via paypal/ebay. Your expert eye and experience 'woke me up'. I am surprised i got taken in becasue i really thought i was more switched on than this. Lessons learned. Thank you also for the piece on how to get a refund from ebay. She could not refund the items quick enough when i used the words 'forgery and Police'. Ironically, she has not even asked for them back and didnt even try to protest that they 'might' be real!


These fake sketches and artworks are proving to be good sellers for a few on ebay, and you need to keep your wits about you when purchasing. The simple truth is this - why would a seller offer artworks from such names as Picasso on ebay at an obvioulsy lower than expected price, when they could simply sell them to a proper dealer or via an auction for their real value instead? The reason very simply is that they are fake, and the above result proves this.


Happy hunting!


Garry King


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