Can you value my autographs?

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This is another very common question, and the answer is of course yes we can. Its something we do every day for ourselves for items that we have purchased from collectors and other dealers etc, and of course for customers who need a value for insurance, probate or maybe they simply want to sell them on, but we do make a charge for this service as it can take some time.


That said, its not as simple as it may seem.......


First, to be able to put a value on any signed item, we need to be sure its authentic, and we can only do that if we have seen it with our own eyes. The reason for this is two fold. First, most images sent to us are simply not good enough to work with and are often out of focus, blured, too dark etc, and secondly, its not possible to know if an item is actualy signed (it may be printed for instance) or even exists, and there are many unscrupulous people who might ask a dealer for a value on something that is not what it seems to be simply by sending them a scan, then they can try and sell it on by saying that Dealer XYZ said it was worth £500 !


Then we need to be sure the signature is authentic and not a forgery. In some cases this is fairly simple and in others it can take a considerable amount of time, and time is money. 


Once we have confirmed that the signature is authentic, then we can move on to value, and again it can be very simple or in the case of rare or unusual signed items, it can take some time while we search through past sales and auction values. This is again something that you can do yourself by searching backwards on ebay for sold items rather than items for sale, past auction sale prices on auction sites such as Sotheby's etc.


And that is why why we do not offer free valuations on items we have not seen ourselves. We do of course offer a valuation and authentication service for any signed item, but we do need to make a charge for this.


You can easily check values for items by using the advanced search facilty on ebay for sold similar items, but remember, they must be similar items as there is no use comparing your signature on the back of a cigarette packet to a pristine condition 10 x 8 colour image, as the value will differ greatly. By going backwards on ebay to find sold items you will get a reasonable feel for what that signature will sell for, as opposed to the often much higher value that many people ask for items, but never sell! 


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3 Comment(s)

Steve Cressey:
01/02/2018, 06:06:38 PM

I have an autograph book from the 1952 Olympics signed by numerous track an field stars of the time including Sir Roger Bannister. It also contains Max Bygraves signature and Arthur Row who managed Spurs to the Division 1 title in 1951. All in all there’s about 30 autographs in this book, some of which I can make out and some of which I can’t. How do I go about finding out if this book has any value? Many thanks. Steve.

Garry King:
12/02/2018, 01:14:17 PM

If you read the above Steve, you will see that the easiest way is to use the ebay advanced search facility. Bannister and Bygraves will certainly be found, although Arthur Row may be a little more difficult. In truth, unless your book contains some very rare signature that you are not aware of, then its not of great value. If you want to sell it, then list it on ebay, making sure you show each and every signature clearly, and detail the condition and size of the book as well. But to ensure a sale you would need to list it with a low start price as that will always attract some bidders, and whatever it sells for is what its worth.

02/04/2018, 05:15:21 PM

We have a menu from the Royal Golden Wedding lunch at the mansion house. In attendance was the Queen and Prince Phillip + a host of other celebrities. The document provides a full listing of attendees. On the document is signed autographs signed on the day, I believe this to be one of perhaps three and each one will have different autographs. Signed by: Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Frank Bruno, Darcy Bushell, Kate Bush, Mike Atherton, Cliff Richard and others. I also have an authenticated framed U2 with all band members signed. A framed Princess Leia and Mark Hamil, a framed Harrison Ford from Star Wars, a framed Star Trek with Signed Shatner and Nimoy. Also have the R2D2 signed framed and CPO. Are they of value?

Garry King:
01/08/2018, 12:54:34 PM

In short, yes. But what is value? Value to who? You have said these are "Authenticated" but by who or when? Look at the COA's, do they have a genuine contact address or simply an email address or ebay ID? if the details are fake, then your autographs are likely fake as well. I do offer a Quick Opinion service for such items via the site, and there are other articles which may help you value an item yourself as well.

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