Safely packing your items for postage

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Every day i receive items through the post for authentication or perhaps for stock. In most cases they have survived the postal system, but in some cases they have not. So here are a few tips from someone who both sends and receives mail every day.


If i am sending out mail, every item will firstly be put into a plastic sleeve, as this will help to protect the item should it be raining when the postman delivers. Most items are flat, so I will then put in a cardboard stiffener, then into a board backed envelope. One thing we never ever do, is to tape up the items inside the sleeve or envelope. I have no idea why people do this, but it is the most annoying habit that only makes it much harder to unpack when delivered. If you have ever packed up an item and taped up with yards of tape, then please remember that somebody else has to unpack that lot at the other end, and the chances of getting sticky tape onto your prize possesion increase in direct proportion to the amount of tape you may have added to the package!


Each package will also have a return address on the outside should it fail to be delivered.


All mail containing any item of value will be sent at the very least by Recorded Delivery, which gets a signature on delivery, and in most cases by Special Delivery, this is also tracked and receives a signature on arrival as well as being a guaranteed next day delivery by 1pm. The important thing about SD post is that it does not travel with the rest of the mail, and is treated differently throughout the system, and because of the tracking is far less likely to be lost or stolen. Any item that has a value to you should always be sent by Special Delivery, and we always use this method when retuning any item to a customer.


And remember this, when you post your package at the PO, the item will be jammed in a sack with dozens of others, then thrown into the back of a van with other heavy sacks of mail. Once it arrives at the sorting office, those bags are then thrown into large wheeled bins for sorting with again an ever increasing number of other items. Then they are poured into a sorting machine which reads the address and sorts it into different bins where they are then packed into sacks again before being thrown into the back of a lorry to be taken to another sorting office, and so the process continues until it eventualy ends up at your local sorting office where it may finaly be sorted by hand before being wrapped in ultra strong elastic  bands and jammed into the posties bag, and we wonder why they get bent!


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