The ebay Bargain of the Century?

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Every now and again we will all find a nice bargain on ebay. Sometimes, after it has turned up, it turns out to be not what we thought but on occasion we have something to celebrate!


One of my best buys was a Muhammad Ali signed book which cost the seller more to post than i paid for it at less than £6 and on another occasion i won a fabulous signed photo of Graham Hill at just £12. In both cases the seller had managed to list them in the wrong category and with the wrong title, the Graham Hill for instance was listed as "Menu" ! No idea why and i was lucky to find it but that is what you get for always checking the sellers other items when doing a search.


Anyhow, another dealer sent me a link to an item which i assumed he had just purchased. When i checked the item and it was listed as NASA Apollo crew letter autographed Armstrong Aldren Collins, and pretty much in the right category too, but the seller had put this in the description..."The Three signatures look authentic, but are probably made with a copier machine that matched their signature to several documents as they signed one. Armstrong signatures are frequenbtly copies made this way"


The seller was obvioulsy alluding to an Autopen machine, and indeed if she had read some of the articles online regarding these machines, she could certainly have thought this was the case. But this is a good example of a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and so the item sold for just $14 with a Biuy it Now, which was a bargain even if they were Autopen signatures, but they were not!


As far as i can see from the image its authentic and one of only a handfull of known genuine examples sent out just days before the Apollo 11 launch! The buyer has confirmed that is not a photocopy, the signatures are ceratinly not Autopen and they are not secretarial either. Its not been seen first hand by an expert yet, but based on the images i have seen its the best bargain purchase i have even seen on ebay and if offered at auction it would probbaly fetch in excess of $5000 so happy days to the lucky buyer. It just goes to prove that there are some real bargains out there and all you need is a little luck and plenty of skills to spot the real from the fake.


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