Are Selfies taking over from Autographs?

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For the third time in as many weeks, i have been asked to talk on radio about selfies and autographs! This is usualy triggered by a newspaper or media article about a star who will have said they get more requests for Selfies than autographs, but find them tiresome or similar. 


On this occasion i was called by the Simon Mayo Radio 2 show to appear live at 5.20 on a Friday, this could be my largest ever radio audience! It all went fairly smoothly and as with the previous interwiews i confirmed that autographs were as popular as ever, and will always have some kind value, whereas the selfie only ever has value to the person in the picture, and of course is easily deleted! So if you bump into Paul McCartney one day get the pen out first then worry about the selfie!

Garry King.

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