How to bag a bargain at an auction!

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Here is a good tip if you want to bag a bargain at auction. I often visit auctions although nowadays most tend to be online, and so it was that i was watching an online autograph auction on Thursday this week. I had aleady been along to view the 500 odd lots on the Wednesday and so felt confident that i had done all i neded to do to be able to avoid the duff items and perhaps bag a bargain when nobody else was watching!


And so it was that the auction started spot on time at eleven, a couple of minor glitches their end as happens at online auctions, and we are away. A hundred items passed, a few good lots went slightly over my bid limit, but then a lull in the bidding allowed me to steal a fabulous large image of Alfred Hitchcock signed perfectly in white crayon, fabulous! Its always a good feeling when you manage to get your first lot under your belt, and so it went on, a bargain here, an unexpected bargain there.


By four in the afternoon i was flagging, no lunch and only one mug of tea to keep me going. So there is your first tip, always start the auction well prepared with some snacks and drinks ready at hand just in case your other half goes out and leaves you to fend for yourself!


An hour later and its nearly over, just a few last lots to go and i am losing concentration, the lack of tea is creeping up on me. Its at this time when most bidders drop out that a bargain can be had, as bidders will have either spent their money or they will be trying to get to the cash desk before everyone else. Just three lots to go now and the auctioneer is speeding up as i am sure he also is getting bored. Then an unexpected bargain comes out of the blue, a fabulous Tiger Woods signed official image is mine at £50, i jot down the bid and item, and as i do i hear him say ' lot 503 West Ham signed album page' As i quickly scribble down the price i have just paid onto the auction catalogue, i notice names listed on the now live lot 'West Ham Signed album page' Now i am not a football fan, but i do know the names Bobby Moore, Geof Hurst etc, but i had not looked at the item becasue it was simply described as 'West Ham signed album page' but as i read those names i heard the hammer go down and it was sold! 


Too late, the bargain of the day had been knocked down for just £10 to a bidder who had stayed awake and more importantly had taken the time to read all of the descriptions for the next few lots, so that he was always are of exactly what was coming up. So there you have it, stay awake right to the end, and make sure you know exactly what lots are coming up and might just be able to bag a bargain like that! 


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