When is a UACC dealer not a UACC dealer?

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I am often asked by customers "are you a UACC member" to which i say, "yes, and i am also a UACC Registred Dealer as well, and that is the important part" but they are often confused! The thing is that the UACC have two membership levels, one for collectors and one for autograph dealers. You need to have been a UACC collector member before you can be approved for Registered Dealer status.


It did not start out that way, and the Registered Dealer membership was started long after the UACC was founded. The idea was that they should have a seperate level of membership to show collectors that some dealers had been vetted and approved by the board, and that those dealer members could be trusted to abide by the rules as laid down by the UACC.


Over the past few years they have had to bring in rules to prevent collector members from using the UACC name and logo. So only UACC Registered Dealers can use the name or logo in order to promote sales of autographed items, and collector members are banned from using the name or logo in any way to promote their own sales of signed items. 


Sadly, some members have abused the use of the name or logo, one even offering printed copies of genuine signatures, but still claiming to abide by the UACC ethics code! So if you are looking out for a UACC dealer member to buy from, and you see they are using the UACC name or logo, simply go the the UACC website and check to see if their name is on the deler list, if its not, then very simply they are not UACC Registered Dealers and should not be selling signed items using the UACC name, and in many cases are not even members! 


You can locate the UACC Dealer member list here. UACC Registered Dealer list.


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