How to obtain a refund on ebay.

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Have you ever bought a signed item on ebay and then found out that its printed, or simply not authentic? Then you will know just how difficult it is to obtain a refund, unless you know which buttons to press!  As we all know, ebay do not like losing money, so they dont make it too easy for you to obtain any kind of refund, and seem to be constantly moving the goalposts as to what you need to do, so if anyone comes to me for an authentication or a Quick Opinion on an ebay item and it proves to be not authentic, this is what i suggest they do.


First, you need to be sure that what you have purchased is a fake, so dont simply use this if you have decided that what you have purchased is not what you want or have simply changed you mind! That is a different matter and should be dealt with directly with the seller. This method is only to obtain a refund from a seller of fakes. Do some checking before you do this, what else does the seller offer? are they similar in demand items at lower then normal prices? do they hide their feedback and sales? have you now found other very similar items on sale from other sellers which you now suspect are in fact the same seller? Do your homework and you may be surprised at what you may find!


Once you have had the item confirmed as not authentic, go directly to your ebay account, do not contact the seller as that will only slow the process down and if he is repeat seller of fakes he will know the best ways to counter your request for a refund anyway.  Once you have logged into your ebay account find the item, you will then see a little drop down menu underneath the big blue 'Leave Feedback' button. This will give you an option of 'Return this item' then give you another option 'Does not seem authentic' or words to that effect as they keep changing it!  But your reason is always "item is not authentic' or words to that effect. You can put this into the box where it says 'add details'. You do not need to offer any proof or details as to who where or why, just keep it simple for now and to the point. Remember that this will now be a complaint handled by ebay, and not simply an argument between you and the seller.


Then click 'request a return' and the ball is rolling on your refund! What happens now is that the seller is sent a message telling him that you have requested a return as the item is not authentic, and at the same time the amount you paid is withheld from his Paypal account. The seller now has only three options, he can either simply offer you a full refund, a part refund, or refuse your request. In most cases they will simply accept the return in which case ebay will issue you with a post free label to return it and the return address. In some cases for lower value items they do not now ask you to reyrun it, they simply refund your money and let you keep the item (it is after all worhtless!).


The seller might simply message you and tell you to return it, but that means you will not always be returning it to the correct registered ebay address, and you will pay the postage as well, and of course the seller is now trying to bypass the ebay returns system as well, so simply ignore this request and continue with the request for a refund.


The seller may ask you who has said its fake, and you should ignore this as well as this will only slow down the process and possibly get you timed out for a refund. Always keep it simple and if you feel the need to respond simply add "I do not believe the item is authentic and i want a refund" nothing more than that. And always remember to only respond directly via ebay and not via email or similar. 


The seller may offer you a part refund, but i think you know what to say to that one!


What you need to remember is that Paypal have already taken your payment from his account, so you have the upper hand here, and until he resolves the issue with you to your satisfaction, he has lost his money and his item! So simply stick to full refund directly through ebay and you will eventualy get your money back. The seller will also know that if you have not yet left feedback, you could still leave him negative! And he also knows that you can leave him negative feedback, but he is unable to leave you anything but positive feedback! Not many people are aware of thsi, but it is not possible for a seller to leave negative feedback, only buyers can do that!


In some cases the seller may ignore you or repeatedly request that you return the item to him or even demand that you tell him who says its fake etc, but just ignore it all and stick to your guns, full refund via ebay only. If the seller ignores your complaint, ebay will always find in your favour and simply refund and in most cases without the need to return the item. Remember, the system does have a time limit, and its all on your side, so as long as you stick to your guns, you will get what you want as ebay will come down in your favour if the seller does not refund to your satisfaction.


Do not get tempted at any point, no matter what they might say, to retun the item until you get the message directly from ebay to return it. Once you have that then you simply post it off and once it has arrived (it will be sent tracked so they know when it arrives) you will get your refund.


Providing you follow the above you will get a refund. In very rare cases ebay may ask for some kind of evidence that the item is not authentic, but that can simply be overcome by using a Quick Opinion service offered by a number of people, myself included. Just remember not to get invloved in any discussion about the item, dont get put off by what the seller might say, and remember that there is a time limit on filing a complaint to get a refund.


And lastly, do they deserve positive feedback? I get asked on a daily basis "how do therse people get away with doing this time and time again" and my answer is always the same "because the buyers do nothing about it" put simply most buyers only want a refund and as long as they get that then they are happy. But if every buyer of every fake did do something, such as leave negative feedback or report them to Trading Standards, then perhaps you would not be reading this now!


Garry King


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Kieran Latto:
10/07/2018, 06:31:06 PM

Thank you very much Garry. Really disappointed I was sold a fake but you were a massive help.

Garry King:
25/07/2018, 10:28:48 AM

No problem at all. People get stiffed on ebay with these fake signatures every day, but if you know how to go about it its not too hard to get a refund, and its nice to know that my advice has helped you.

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