Most of us have built plastic kits of spitfires or flown model planes, so its always a pleasure to handle the signatures of all the names that i had only ever heard of, Lindbergh, Bleriot, The Red Baron! The plane builders and designers themselves, Sir Frank Whittle, R J Mitchell, Barnes Wallis, all great men, all now gone, but certainly not forgotten.  

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Amy Johnson signed authentic autograph photo display Sorry, this item has been sold.

Amy Johnson signed authentic autograph photo display

A 20cm x 25cm photo double 3D mounted using acid free mountboard, mounted with an original signature..


Charles W. Lindbergh signed authentic autograph FDC cover

A 24cm x 10.5cm cover clearly signed by Charles Lindbergh in black ink. Very good overall condition,..


Crew signed Lancaster 617 Sqn signed authentic autograph photo

A 10" x 8" colour montage image clearly signed by two of the crew who flew during 'Operation Ca..


Eric 'Winkle' Brown test pilot genuine authentic signed autograph book

A  Hardback copy of the book "Wings on my Sleeve" and signed by Eric Brown in biro. Signature&n..


Lancaster multi veteran signed signed authentic autograph photo 2

A 10" x 8" photo clearly signed by three veterans from WW2 who flew on various operations. Benn..


Neville Duke authentic signed genuine signature

(1922 - 2007) 10x8`` B/W depicting Duke flying a Spitfire over England. Duke was a World War II Avia..


Richard Graham SR-71 Pilot signed autograph photo

A 10"x 8" colour photo signed by Richard Graham, SR-71 Pilot. Signed by him in b..


WW2 Arthur T Harris MRAF 'Bomber' signed authentic autograph image

A 21cm x 27cm image clearly signed by Arthur T Harris in fine black marker. Image is in excelle..


Alan Cobham signed authentic genuine signature autograph display

A 10" x 8" photo in a double 3D mount to an overal size of 28cm x 45cm, together with a signature on..