Ronnie Biggs and the rest of the Great Train Robbery gang, The Krays, maybe a mobster or two, who knows who you may find here!

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Adolf Hitler genuine authentic signed autograph postcard

(1889 - 1945) Knee length portrait postcard, black and white, from the 1920s. Signed in pencil with ..


Leon (Whitey) Thompson original authentic genuine autograph signed photo

(1923 - 2005) Signed Biography `Last Train to Alcatraz`. Thompson was an immate on the famous San Fr..


Linda Lovelace authentic signed genuine signature

Linda Lovelace (1949 - 2002) 10x8`` B/W photograph of controversial and legendary adult film star. S..


Ray Rawlins authentic autograph guide book.

A rare copy of the Ray Rawlins book of World Autographs. Published in the UK as the Guinness book of..


Robert Stroud authentic signed genuine signature letter

(1890 - 1963) `The Birdman of Alcatraz` 2 page letter, 3rd Dec. 57 written from Alcatraz. Stroud was..