Political Autographs

Political Autographs

Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill are the two we get asked for most often, and we normally have these in stock in one form or another.

You will also find names from outside of the UK as well, Nelson Mandela, the odd US President etc and maybe some world leaders.

If there us anyone you are searching for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Al Gore genuine authentic signed autographs

(1948 - ) 5x7`` B/W dedicated portrait of former Vice President of the USA between 1993-2001 who bec..


Ariel Sharon & Ezer Weizman original authentic genuine autograph signed photo

Uncommon First Day Cover `No More War` signed by Israeli Presidents Ariel Sharon (1928 - 2014) and E..


Barack Obama genuine authentic signed autograph signatures photo

(1961 - ) 10x8`` Colour photograph of Obama addressing the crowd. Signed in Washington DC, Spring 20..


Benazir Bhutto authentic genuine signed autographs

(1953 - 2007) Glossy 6x4`` Colour photograph signed in blue ink "Benazir Bhutto". Bhutto was the 11t..


Colin L Powell original authentic genuine autograph signed photo

(1937 - ) Retired General and current US Secretary of State with an important role under President G..


Dang Xiaoping genuine signed autograph signatures

Xiaoping (1904 - 97) Strauss (1915-88). Exceptionally rare photograph signed by Deng Xiaoping and Fr..


Desmond Tutu authentic signed genuine signature

(1931 - ) South African Bishop. Colour postcard from 1997 signed to the bottom edge `God Bless, Desm..


Dick Cheney original authentic genuine autograph signed photo

(1941 - ) 7x5 Colour portrait of US Vice President under both George W Bush. Signed in silver ink ac..


Edward Heath Prime Minister signed authentic letter autograph

A  typed letter 19cm x 24cm clearly signed by Edward Heath and dated April 1966 Excellent condi..


Elena Ceausescu authentic genuine signed autographs photo

(1916 a?? 1989) Wife of Romania's Communist leader Nicolae CeauE?escu, and Deputy Prime Minister of ..


Fidel Castro authentic signed autograph signatures

(1926 - ) An extremely rare signed and inscribed colour 10a?? X 8a?? photograph by Fidel Castro. The..


Fidel Castro genuine authentic signed autograph signatures document

(1926 - ) Document in recognition of Jorge Octavio Martin Maceda for his outstanding participating i..


George Bush Snr authentic genuine signed autographs photo

(1924 - ) 41st President of the USA (1989 - 93). 10x8`` Colour signed photograph as seen on the cove..