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King George IV Palmerston authentic genuine signed autograph document

A 19cm x 31cm 2page document for Thomas White of the Ist Regiment of Foot, and signed at the to..


King George IV Royalty genuine authentic signed autograph display photo 2

A 10" x 8" photo in double 3D mount to an overal size of 28cm x 47cm, together with a piece signed b..


King Michael and Queen Anne Romania authentic genuine signed autographs

King Michael of Romania (1921 - ) and Queen Anne of Romania (1923 - ). New Years Eve Card, circa 199..


Mountbatten of Burma authentic genuine signed letter 2

A 20cm x 15cm letter on Broadlands headed paper, written entirely in the hand of and signed by Mount..


Prince Charles genuine authentic signed card royalty

An original Christmas card featuring a photograph of Prince Charles and his two sons. The card&..


Prince Philip Royal Family authentic genuine signed Christmas Card

A 19cm x 23cm Christmas Card clearly signed ink by Prince Charles. You will find that..


Princess Diana genuine authentic signed autograph signatures

(1961 - 97) Humorous Birthday Card from 1985 handwritten inside "To George, Wishing you a Very Happy..


Princess Diana authentic signed autograph signatures

(1961-97) Letter on Buckingham Palace letterhead dated 1981. Written to a young boy thanking him for..


Princess Diana authentic signed autograph signatures card

(1961 - 97) Humorous Birthday card from 1986. Diana has written inside "To George, a Very... Love fr..


Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mother) genuine authentic signed autograph signatures card

(1900 - 2002) `The Queen Mother`. Signed Christmas Card Elizabeth R, 1965. The Queen Mother sends he..


Queen Noor Al-Hussein authentic signed genuine signature

(1951 - ) Her Majesty Queen Noor Al-Hussein of Jordan. 10x8`` Colour dedicated portrait dated 26th A..


Duke of Windsor Edward VIII genuine authentic autograph signature and photo

A 20cm x 25cm photograph of the Duke of Windsor double 3D mounted in acid free board to an overal si..


Edward Prince of Wales genuine signed autograph menu

A menu dated 1928 for a dinner held in Leicester. It measures 11cm x 18cm with a ribbon ho..


Grace Kelly Hand Written and Signed Letter with Envelope

This sale is for a rare four page letter and envelope hand written and signed by Hollywood actress ..


King Edward Duke of Windsor signed authentic genuine signature autograph display

A 10" x 8" photo in a double 3D mount to an overal size of 28cm x 42cm, together with a signature of..