Various related.

Various related.
When we think of the space race and the astronauts, we think of Armstrong and Aldrin, Tereshkova and Gagarin, but there were known to be around 350,000 plus people involved in the design and construction of the massive space program that put man on the moon, and that is not counting the Russians!


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Brian Binnie Space Ship One genuine signed autograph photo

A 10" x 8" colour photo of Brian Binnie of Space Ship One fame and winner of the Ansari prize, ..


Eugene Kranz Apollo Gemini etc genuine authentic signed autograph image Sorry, this item has been sold.

Guenter Wendt Von Braun genuine authentic autograph signed FDC

A FDC commemorating the 25th anniversary of the moon landings and signed by Guenter Wendt in fine bl..


John Glenn Mercury genuine authentic signed autograph image 3

A 20cm x 25cm litho clearly signed by John Glenn in black marker. This is dedicated to Lisa. If you ..


Konrad Von Dannenberg authentic signed image V1 V2 Apollo

 A 10" x 8" colour image of the launch of Skylab and signed in bold black marker by Konrad Dann..


Konrad Von Dannenburg V1 V2 Von Braun genuine authentic autograph signed image

A 20cm x 25cm image clearly signed by Konrad Von Danenburg one of the German rocket scientists that ..


Richard Graham SR-71 Pilot signed autograph photo

A 10"x 8" colour photo signed by Richard Graham, SR-71 Pilot. Signed by him in b..