WW1 and WW2

WW1 and WW2

Here we have some of the veterans of WW1 and WW2 and other conflicts. Its always worth doing a general search for any name you need, as they may be in the wrong category!


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Crew signed Lancaster 617 Sqn signed authentic autograph photo

A 10" x 8" colour montage image clearly signed by two of the crew who flew during 'Operation Ca..


Dambuster 617 George 'Johnny' Johnson signed autograph photo

A larger than usual 12" x 16" b/w and colour photo montage featuring George Johnson, bomb aimer on T..


Dambuster 617 Sqn Grayston Johnston Munro signed authentic autograph genuine photo

A 12" x 16" photograph clearly signed by George Johnson, Ray Grayston, Les Munro and grpound crew me..


Great Escape Jimmy James signed authentic autographs photo

A 16" x 12" photograph clearly signed by Jimmy James in black marker. Signed at a past Autographica ..


Lancaster multi veteran signed signed authentic autograph photo 2

A 10" x 8" photo clearly signed by three veterans from WW2 who flew on various operations. Benn..


Mountbatten of Burma authentic genuine signed letter 2

A 20cm x 15cm letter on Broadlands headed paper, written entirely in the hand of and signed by Mount..


Neville Duke authentic signed genuine signature

(1922 - 2007) 10x8`` B/W depicting Duke flying a Spitfire over England. Duke was a World War II Avia..


Odette Hallowes WW2 SOE genuine authentic signed autograph display

A 10" x 8" photo double 3D mounted in acid free mount board, mounted with a genuine signature o..


SOLD Dambuster George Johnson Sorpe signed autograph photo Sorry, this item has been sold.

SOLD Dambuster George Johnson Sorpe signed autograph photo

A 10" x 8" b/w photo of the Sorpe Dam after George and the crew had bombed it. You can see the ..


Test pilot Eric Brown signed autograph photo 2

A 10" x 8" b/w photo of a plane landing on an aircraft carrier. This was the first time a plane..