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Misc Motor Sport
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Andre-Gustave Citroen genuine authentic signed autograph signatures

(1878 - 1935) Paris, 1930 May 30. To the firm of R.S. Stovis & Fils, Paris in French. The French..


Andrea Pinninfarina authentic genuine signed autograph

(1957 - 2008) Italian engineer and manager, former CEO of the Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina, foun..


Arthur Ashe signed authentic genuine signature

(1943 - 93) 10x8`` Signed vintage photograph of a young Ashe. Arthur Ashe campaigned against aparthe..


Audi Le Mans Winning Team 2002 signed authentic genuine signature

12x8`` Colour action photograph of the 2002 Winning Audi Sport Team Joest, with drivers Frank Biela,..


Bathurst 2009 Winners signed authentic genuine signature

Will Davison (1982 - ) and Garth Tander (1977 - ) Signed Holden Merchandise Bookpage. Winners of the..


Bob Wollek signed authentic genuine signature

(1943 - 2001) Wonderful 10x8`` action photograph in the Blaupunkt Joest Porsche circa 1988. Signed c..


Carl Benz genuine authentic signed autograph signatures

(1844 - 1929) RARE Vintage postcard, heavy glue marks to the reverse and general wear. Signed by Dr ..