Misc Motor Sport

Misc Motor Sport
If its got wheels, has driver and goes fast, but does not fit into any other category, then you might find it here!
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Andre-Gustave Citroen genuine authentic signed autograph signatures

(1878 - 1935) Paris, 1930 May 30. To the firm of R.S. Stovis & Fils, Paris in French. The French..


Andrea Pinninfarina authentic genuine signed autograph

(1957 - 2008) Italian engineer and manager, former CEO of the Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina, foun..


Arthur Ashe signed authentic genuine signature

(1943 - 93) 10x8`` Signed vintage photograph of a young Ashe. Arthur Ashe campaigned against aparthe..


Audi Le Mans Winning Team 2002 signed authentic genuine signature

12x8`` Colour action photograph of the 2002 Winning Audi Sport Team Joest, with drivers Frank Biela,..


Bathurst 2009 Winners signed authentic genuine signature

Will Davison (1982 - ) and Garth Tander (1977 - ) Signed Holden Merchandise Bookpage. Winners of the..


Bob Wollek signed authentic genuine signature

(1943 - 2001) Wonderful 10x8`` action photograph in the Blaupunkt Joest Porsche circa 1988. Signed c..


Carl Benz genuine authentic signed autograph signatures

(1844 - 1929) RARE Vintage postcard, heavy glue marks to the reverse and general wear. Signed by Dr ..


Cooper Cars Doug Nye (Signed by John Cooper)

Hardback Book "Cooper Cars by Doug Nye". Signed inside "To Rob John Cooper". Obtained at his Garage ..


David Brabham signed authentic genuine signature photo

(1965 - ) 10x8`` B/W action photograph in the Brabham Judd BT59 (1990) signed boldly. ..