Misc Motor Sport

Misc Motor Sport
If its got wheels, has driver and goes fast, but does not fit into any other category, then you might find it here!
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Tora Takagi genuine original authentic signed autograph photo

(1972 - ) 12x8` Colour close up action photo in the Tyrrell F1 car. Signed across the image in black..


Toyota F1 2008 signed authentic genuine signature

10x8`` Colour photograph of the Toyota F1 launch 2008. Signed by Glock (1982 - ) and Trulli (1974 ..


Trevor Taylor / Sir John Whitmore genuine original authentic signed autograph

Taylor (1936 - 2010) Whitmore (1937 - ). Ink signatures of both men on a page from an autograph book..


Trevor Taylor signed authentic genuine signature

(1936 - 2010) 10x8`` B/W action photograph in the Lotus during the 1962 Dutch GP, signed boldly. ..


TWR Jaguar 1988 signed authentic genuine signature

TWR Jaguar Sportscar signed photograph from 1988, 9x6`` signed by Martin Brundle (1959 - ) Andy Wal..


Varzi, Sommer, Farina, Wimple authentic signed autograph signatures

Album page from the 1948 Monaco Grand Prix. Signed across the page by Achille Varzi (1904 - 1948) (..


Vintage Festival Programme 1992. original authentic genuine signed autograph

Complete programme signed by Rene Dreyfus (+93) Brian Redman, Skip Barber, David Hobbs, Bob Grossman..


Will Hoy signed authentic genuine signature

(1952 - 2002) Toyota Sponsor Card (Creased) showing the Toyota Corolla Touring Car. Signed by 1991 B..