Why buy from Autographs.co.uk ?

Autographs.co.uk brings together the combined skills knowledge and contacts of two of the best known names in the autograph world, to bring together the best possible selection of autograph related items from the best dealers, with the best authenticity guarantee anywhere.

  • Garry King of Autografica has been voted Dealer of the Year by both AFTAL (Dealer 002) and the UACC (RD 179) as well as being awarded the UACC Presidents Quality Award, and is often been asked to help Trading Standards or the Police on autograph fraud cases. Garry has appeared as an expert on many TV shows including 'The Real Hustle' 'Rip off Britain' 'PawnStars UK' 'Posh Pawnbrokers' 'Inside out' 'The One Show' and literally dozens of regional TV and radio stations. In short, he is probably now the best known name in autographs in the UK.

  • Tim Terry is the man behind Superstars.co.uk one of the oldest and largest charity fund raising auction companies in the UK and has been a buyer of quality autographs for many years and is of course both an AFTAL (Dealer 087) and a UACC Registered Dealer (RD 340).

Not long after Tim and Garry first met, they both quickly realised that they had the same idea regarding an autograph retail site, so they decided to create a site that would ensure the customer that whatever he purchased was 100% genuine, and had a watertight authenticity guarantee for life. So all of the items on the Autographs.co.uk site have been chosen by Garry and Tim from a variety of sellers to give you the customer the best possible choice. Combine this with the Autographs.co.uk unique double authenticity guarantee and you have the best place to buy any signed memorabilia. 

Autographs.co.uk unique guarantee, is not just the usual lifetime money back guarantee offered by every respected dealer, but also the option of a replacement of a similar item! This means that if an item should need to be returned due to an authenticity issue, and the value of the item has increased in the time you have had it, then we will offer you a similar signed item at no extra cost to you in place of the original purchase price. In other words, full original money back or the option of replacement similar signed item instead, even if the value of your item has increased. 

You only ever deal with Autographs.co.uk, any issues over non delivery, damage or authenticity would be dealt with by us directly resulting in an easier and faster response to any problem that may occur.

Our money back or exchange policy is as far as we know (as of 1st Dec 2021) unique in the world of autographs. Nobody else offers this kind of peace of mind for autographs anywhere! Autographs.co.uk is the trading name of Simply Famous Ltd. Company Reg no 10119189