WW1 and WW2

WW1 and WW2
Here we have some of the veterans of WW1 and WW2 and other conflicts. Its always worth doing a general search for any name you need, as they may be in the wrong category!


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Arthur Bomber Harris WW2 genuine authentic signed autograph display

A 10" x 8" photo double 3D mounted in acid free mount board, mounted with a genuine signature o..


Benny Goodman Rusty Waughman Lancaster genuine signed photo

An 10" x 8" photo clearly signed by both Benny Goodman and Rusty Waughman DFC in fine black mar..


Crew signed Lancaster 617 Sqn signed authentic autograph photo

A 10" x 8" colour montage image clearly signed by two of the crew who flew during 'Operation Ca..


Dambuster 617 George 'Johnny' Johnson signed autograph photo

A larger than usual 12" x 16" b/w and colour photo montage featuring George Johnson, bomb aimer on T..


Dambuster 617 Sqn Grayston Johnston Munro signed authentic autograph genuine photo

A 12" x 16" photograph clearly signed by George Johnson, Ray Grayston, Les Munro and grpound crew me..


Dambuster George Johnson Sorpe signed autograph photo

A 10" x 8" b/w photo of the Mohne dam after it had been bombed. George and the crew of T for To..


Douglas Bader RAF Jubilee edition genuine signed authentic signature prints

An original and perfect set of prints issued to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the Royal Air Force..


Great Escape Jimmy James signed authentic autographs photo

A 16" x 12" photograph clearly signed by Jimmy James in black marker. Signed at a past Autographica ..


Halifax WW2 Goodman Cleaver Rusty Waughman signed authentic photo

A 20cm x 25cm photo signed in fine black marker by Reg Cleaver, Benny Goodman, and Rusty Waughm..


Heinrich Himmler nazi genuine signed authentic signature document Sorry, this item has been sold.

Heinrich Himmler nazi genuine signed authentic signature document

A document 27cm x 30cm signed at the bottom by Heinrich Himmler in ink. The page is i..


Lancaster multi veteran signed signed authentic autograph photo 2

A 10" x 8" photo clearly signed by three veterans from WW2 who flew on various operations. Benn..