Our Unique Authenticity Guarantee.

We believe that we take your interest in buying authentic signed items more seriously than any dealer anywhere, and offer a unique double authenticity guarantee that is unique in the world of signed memorabilia (as of 1st March 2017).

Almost every dealer on the planet (and that includes us!) offer a lifetime guarantee of authenticity, but here at Autographs.co.uk we have gone one step further!  We promise that if at any time in the future any item purchased from this site should be proven to be not authentic, then we will offer you a full refund of your original purchase price, OR where possible offer a similar item in exchange. So if your item has gone up in value since you made the purchase, then you have the option of allowing us to locate another similar item to replace it with. This means that if you had purchased for example a signed Paul McCartney item at say £500 and three years later it was found to be not authentic, then we will offer you a full refund of your purchase price, or a similar McCartney item in its place, even if the value of that item has increased in value.

Every item is issued with an item specific COA with a numbered hologram. The holograms are small and only ever attached to an area not normally seen if displayed, such as the rear of a photograph or item. This hologram matches the one on your COA to ensure that the item can never be switched for anything else. The COA confirms our Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee, has our full contact details and will be signed by a director of Autographs.co.uk normally Tim Terry or Garry King.

There is no time or value limit on this guarantee, and your new item will be covered by the exact same guarantee as well.

At no point do you ever have to go to the original supplier, you only ever deal directly with us. And because every dealer guarantees the authenticity to us, it is ourselves who will resolve any issue with them.